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Embracing Diversity, Creating Bonds.

We are a ski club focused on promoting diversity in winter sports, making it accessible to all. Our annual trip welcomes all abilities and ensures beginners have an amazing first-time experience. Learning centric we empower beginners to turn their bucket list item into their hobby. With year-round connectivity, laughter, and adventure we are a space where ski and snowboard companions become friends.


Redefining Winter Sports and Culture.

Our vision at Skimigos is to initiate a profound shift in pop culture by challenging perceptions and stereotypes surrounding winter sports. We aim to minimize barriers to entry and create enriched experiences for those who have felt excluded, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant ski community.

SKIMIGOS DIARY 2024 - 2025

Join us for an exhilarating lineup of events in 2024! Experience the thrill of winter sports and be a part of our mission to create a diverse and inclusive ski community. Don't miss out on the fun – become a member and follow our socials to stay up to date with all the exciting activities! 

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JJ, London

Zahia and team, honestly, this was such an amazing holiday for me personally as I’d never really been on a holiday with friends and definitely never with a group this size. This has now set the standard for my future holidays. But for real though Z, BIG UP YOURSELVES! The organisation was absolutely quality!

Khriston, London

Zahia and team thank you guys for the amazing organisation, the games, the lessons, just everything! This really has set the bar for future trips.

Nunsade, London

Fantastic job Z and team, you've been amazing group leaders, thanks for all your hard work, I had a fantastic time and am now an amateur ski enthusiast! To all my fellow Skimigos I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
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