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Bargain Buys: Skimigos' 2023/24 Ski Wear Finds

Our motto for Skimigos' annual trip is value for money, which is why we've gone the extra mile to aid you on your ski wear shopping journey so you can shop with confidence that you're getting the best quality, without breaking the bank.

Today's Best Buy

Salomon S/View Unisex Goggles

£54.90 Now £38.90

Article last updated: Thursday 30th November 2023

Our Verdict: Well below the £50 mark we usually look for in a bargain buy for goggles, these are a steal, normally sold for between £60 - £80. Salomon is a titan in manufacturing winter sports products, is well reputed and known for quality. Though entry level goggles, they will reliably meet your needs in all weather conditions.

As mentioned in our What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding article,

Ski and snowboarding clothes are interchangeable.

We may refer to items in this article as 'ski' specific e.g. ski wear or ski socks, but they are also snowboarding wear or socks. 'Ski' is an umbrella term most commonly used for ski and snowboarding products.

= Most recently added



Base Layers

Mid Layers

Outer Layers



Ski Socks


Base Layers

Mid layers

Outer Layers



Ski Socks

Bought items from the list? Let us know in the comment section if this has been useful for you.

Now you have the inside scoop share the knowledge and this article with anyone who needs it, as we say in Skimigos 'sharing is caring'.

Don't forget to check out What to Wear, Where to Shop and our Money Saving Hacks to find out smart ways to shop like a pro and save on ski wear!

If you know a bargain buy or shop that you think is great at offering value for money, have a question or want us to do an article on another topic you're keen to know about, let us know in the comments down below.

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