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What to Pack for a Ski & Snowboarding Trip – A Skimigos Guide

Updated: Feb 27

Now this can be subjective depending on your body type or even the type of ski holiday you choose to attend, but there are some things that universally we should all have, or face the misery and sometimes the hefty expense of being caught out!

Let’s run through the list in order of importance.

#1 - Travel Insurance

It is the singular most important item to make sure you’ve sorted before you head to the airport, and it takes up absolutely no room in your suitcase.

Whilst skiing and snowboarding are great fun they are adventure sports and we have to recognise there is a higher risk of injury or loss of property than on other holidays.

ENSURE you take the steps to get travel insurance cover; this is not the item to skimp on.

CHECK winter sports is included when booking your travel insurance, as it is most often listed as an add on and not included as standard. If you already have existing travel insurance check your policy or contact your provider to understand if winter sports is covered.

BOOK ahead to maximise the benefits, in the event of trip cancellation or delays you can cash in on your policy.

!!! EXPERIENCED SKIERS AND SNOWBOARDERS many travel insurance providers do not cover off piste skiing or snowboarding. When booking your travel insurance specifically search off piste travel insurance providers to ensure you are covered in every eventuality.

#2 - Ski Wear

Check out our What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding guide for a more in depth look at what you will need, even better, use it as your tick list so no item is missed.

#3 - Lounge Wear/ Casual Clothes

After an action-packed day on the mountains relaxing is the name of the game. Bring comfy and casual clothes for:

HANGING OUT in the hotel at dinner

GOING TO the local bars

LAZING in your room posting snaps from your day…

Of course it’s compulsory to make those left at home jealous. They should have jumped on it when they saw it in the group chat!

#4 - Swimwear

A spa visit is compulsory, for those aching muscles, all that exercise and partying needs a lovely dip in a pool or jacuzzi, even better a hot steam room.

If you are travelling to Europe, get hip to their swimming pool access requirements. Many countries such as, Italy and Austria are strict on a head covering due to hygiene reasons.


BRING A SWIMMING CAP when travelling to Italy or Austria, head scarfs are accepted.

SPEEDOS ONLY in France, they strictly do not allow trunks!

NUDE IS PREFERRED in Germany and Austria when utilising the sauna. We haven’t seen this enforced in hotel spa’s but have heard anecdotes of people being told off in local spa’s for wearing trunks.

As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It’s part of the experience and the stories to bring home.

#5 - Snow Friendly Footwear


Style and fashion always but not at the sake of breaking your neck. You can buy dedicated snow boots but for a March ski trip in Europe a good pair of grippy trainers or boots will manage well.

#6 - Sun Cream & SPF Lip Balm

Forget this at your own risk and be the victim of all panda jokes.

Stronger UV rays due to high altitude and the rays reflecting off the snow mean you are more likely to burn than in your typical beach destination.

SPF 50 IS YOUR FRIEND, at minimum SPF30. Your lips dry out easily and are equally exposed so an SPF lip balm is strongly recommended.

This article was written by a black British Jamaican who found out black does crack... in this instance.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

That’s a Wrap!

Tick these items off and you can’t go wrong, warm, protected and styled for every occasion. If you’re smart enough to attend a Skimigos experience, then be sure to check the Dress Code’s for our exclusive events sent directly to your inbox.

Feel we missed something you swear by? Drop us a note in the comments down below!

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