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Where to Shop for Ski & Snowboarding Clothes - A Skimigos Guide

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We know you're about to go crazy shopping for your first ski trip. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time and we want you to get it right. Now you know What To Wear this guide is going to show you where to buy the best gear that won't let you down regardless of your budget.

Let's dive in!

#1: When to Buy

It’s a seasonal industry so each year companies release new products, meaning the previous years ski wear becomes heavily discounted. January sales, Black Friday and Christmas are all sale periods when ski and snowboard wear or products will likely be at their cheapest.

#2: Brands to Buy

Buy your kit from ski and snowboarding brands rather than high street fashion brands.

The way we see it, the R&D these companies invest to remain competitive means they're providing the best fabric technology and design for each price bracket, which is what makes their products good. ASOS, Topshop and Boohoo may look great, providing figure hugging ski suits for women that look pretty, but because they're (likely) made by the same factories that produce their high street retail clothing their durability isn't comparable.

We've had a Skimigos tear their coat on their first trip which is unheard of for a ski or snowboard brand. Many hobbyists have had their ski wear for a lifetime and are still going strong.

If you are a beginner you are going to be falling a lot. We would bank on buying something that's reliable. Certain ski brands may initially seem expensive, but it's feasible to find their items on sale at prices comparable to what cheaper brands offer for new products.

"Certain ski brands may initially seem expensive, but it's feasible to find their items on sale at prices comparable to what cheaper brands offer for new products."

Keep an eye out for top brands on your shopping journey. Check out our list of faves below!

High End Brands Salomon Volcom Burton North Face Oakely Patagonia Arc'teryx Planks Dope Montec Spyder Peak performance Anon (Goggles) 686 Picture Organic Oosc OneSkee

Mid Price O’Neill Strobe Colour Wear Billabong Nikita Quicksilver Roxy (Women's Wear) Armanda Spy (Goggles) Giro (Goggles) Siroko

Dragon Alliance

Entry Dare 2b Protest Surfanic West Beach Apparel Tog24 Sessions

We've also taken the time to collate our recommended bargain buys for the season to help you get the best value for money.

#3: Where to Shop

The shops listed below are a one stop shop for all ski and snowboard wear, but we've earmarked some as great for outer wear finds vs base & mid layers.

The shops listed are available in store or online.

Great for Outer Wear The Snowboard Asylum Covent Garden Absolute Snow Watford LD Mountain Centre Online Only Snow Lab Hailsham Snowtart Canterbury Surface2Air Sports Dorset Finches Emporium Catford Snowleader Online Only Rollersnakes Derby Snow + Rock Multiple UK Stores Jojoski Vintage/ Sustainable

Great for Base & Mid Layers Decathlon Multiple UK Stores Sports Direct Multiple UK Stores Under Armour Online Only Mountain Warehouse Multiple UK Stores MandM Direct Online Only SportItFirst Online Only Blacks Multiple UK Stores Cotswold Outdoor Multiple UK Stores Go Outdoors Multiple UK Stores Trespass Multiple UK Stores

Great for Goggles

Sport RX Online Only

Igero Online Only

Sport Pursuit Online Only

Sunglasses Hut Multiple UK Stores

That's a Wrap!

Check out our Money Saving Hacks to find out smart ways to shop like a pro and save on ski wear!

If we've not listed your favourite brand or shop, you have more questions or want us to do an article on another topic you're keen to know about, let us know in the comments down below.

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