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Skimigos 2024 Trip Feedback/ Skimigos 2025 Application

Thank you for attending Skimigos The Takeover 2024. Words really can't describe how much gratitude we have for you all.

The best thank you we can give you is by working harder to make future trips even better.

This application and survey helps us find out more about you, your needs, desires, how well we are meeting them and where we can improve.

We welcome all suggestions, ideas, and criticism. Skimigos is here to serve and we're excited to take the experience to the next level.

Feedback is anonymous. Deposit payment details which will ask for your name is not attached to this survey.

If a question is not applicable please select or state N/A. This application takes about 5 minutes to complete.

About you

2. What is your age?
4. Did you have lessons on the trip?
5. What ability were you at the start of the trip?
6. What ability would you say are now?

Why Skimigos

7. How did you hear about us?
8. Have you heard of other ski and snowboard groups?

How Did We Deliver?

11. Overall, how would you rate the Skimigos Takeover week?
18. How did you find the hotel?
20. How did you find your lessons and instructor?


22. Rate the support you received from booking through to the end of the holiday.

Price Point

27. Would you pay a premium for a VIP service?

Frequency & Location

28. Would you attend more than one ski trip in a year?

Group size

Non - Ski Holidays and Activities

32. Would you be interested in non-ski group holidays?

Ski Wear

35. Do you prefer to buy or rent ski clothing?

Indoor Ski and Snowboarding

39. Would you be interested in attending an indoor ski/ snowboard session?

Skimigos socials

Preferred Communication Channels & Content

41. How do you like to digest information?

Priority for First Release

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