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from skier To migos 

Skimigos was founded in 2019 by Zahia, a passionate skier of British Jamaican heritage with a vision to share her love for winter sports and create an inclusive ski community. She believed that skiing could serve as a gateway to nurture confidence and self-belief in people from underrepresented backgrounds, inspiring them to enter spaces they may have previously thought were out of reach.

The Beginning

Fresh Tracks

The journey began a decade ago when Zahia started advocating for winter sports among her friends and community. Despite facing resounding rejections, she remained steadfast in sharing her experiences on the benefits of skiing and snowboarding. With great persistence and the development of social media allowing windows into different ways of life in the world, a hunger for new experiences began to stir within her network.

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The Journey


The March 2019 trip originally planned for 6 friends, saw an overwhelming response with 32 attendees, some of whom flew in from Nigeria and the USA to attend. Drawing upon her 22 years of ski experience and participation in group ski trips, as well as her decade as a trip organiser, she devised a framework that facilitated learning to ski or snowboard while making the most of the diverse experiences ski resorts provide. Above all, her approach focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where every participant could feel entirely at ease.

The community stayed connected during the pandemic, and in 2023, Skimigos officially relaunched its annual trip, continuing the mission of creating a diverse and vibrant ski community.

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